Spinner Ring // January 31st

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Make your own custom spinner ring in this 5 hour, workshop at Harold Studio in Downtown Phoenix Arizona! You will learn:

  • Ring sizing and making.
  • Soldering wide and skinny bands and bezel cups.
  • Texturing metal.
  • Polishing your bands to the perfect finish.
  • Patinaing for an antiqued look.


Meditation Ring, Worry Ring, Fidget Ring, Spinning Ring, Anxiety Ring, Silver Spinner.

This is a beautiful ring and perfect for busy hands. This class is well suited for beginner and Intermediate students. In this class you will learn how to size and make ring bands. We will be making wide 10mm band ring with smaller bands that spin freely around  the main ring. You will flare the wider band to secure the spinning ring. We will learn the basics of texturing, polishing and applying patina's as well as stone setting with a pre-fabricated bezel. 

Materials fee is $15, due at the beginning of the class. 

•See our facebook page or instagram for examples of what students of Harold Studio are making 


Friday, January 31st: 9am-2pm

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