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Part time jewelry studio rental

Select Part Time December

$ 30.00 $ 50.00


Select Part Time is a specially-priced Part Time that gives part time access to the studio Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's ONLY. There are also may be blockout dates listed below. Select Part Time Members receive the same benefits as Part Time members with limited access. 

Select Part Time may be a good choice for you if you if you plan on using the studio more than 3 hours in one month. 

The studio is open about 14 hours per week for Select Members giving you the opportunity to use the equipment more than 50 hours per month as a select part time member!

It is the renter's responsibility to maximize their hour usage during the month. Renters will not be credited for any hours they failed to utilize, if you don't use it, you lose it.

Select Part Time Rentals begin on the first day of the calendar month and end at the end of the calendar month regardless of what date they were started. If a rental is started later in the month, it will not extend into the next calendar month.

Select Part-Time Days & Hours

 Day Time
Tuesday 5-9pm
Thursday 5-9pm
Friday 9-3pm



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