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hydraulic press tin cans

Hydraulic Press Workshop // February 15th

$ 195.00


The Tin Can, Can Do Art!!

Come explore the possibilities of the underutilized, readily available, lithographed steel. Sometimes referred to as "Tin Cans."

In this class students will learn how to use the hydraulic press to give slight volume to thin gauge, pre-printed steel.

We will also learn about how to approach designing with our materials (copper, tin cans, found objects), in regards to assembly methods/connections, general studio concerns (because of the usage of steel), and finishing tips and tricks.


Tedd's tin can artwork, known as "Original Recyclures" is featured in the book "The Fine Art of the Tin Can" by Bobby Hansson

We will be discussing approaches to making, and how to convert, or re-contextualize materials for the sake of body adornment.


Students are encouraged to hunt for dynamic visual graphics in the form of tin cans (make sure the 'can' is directly printed on and

not on a paper label), by visiting antique shops, flea markets, etc., or perhaps you've already been collecting for just this occasion!!


Upcoming Class Date:

Friday, February 15th 9am-4pm

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 •See our facebook page for examples of what students are making in this class. Join others who travel from all over Arizona or even out of state! We've had students come from New York, Kansas, Colorado and Florida just to name a few places to take a class and advantage of our good weather in the wintertime.

Meet Tedd McDonah, creator, metalsmith, educator.

Tedd comes from a small Wisconsin town, but with him comes both a large appetite for creativity and passion for teaching. He was introduced to mokume-gane and damascus steel in his early years of undergrad coursework at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, BA ’96, which lead to his interest in the production of pattern-welded metals being solidified as a life-long endeavor while pursuing his MFA at Arizona State University, MFA ’01. Since then, Tedd has taught at some of the top schools including his most recent:

  • Rowan University 
  • Towson University 
  • Millersville University 
  • Fashion Institute of Technology 

Besides teaching workshops he has also served as full time and adjunct faculty at multiple universities teaching beginning and advanced classes in both jewelry and blacksmithing, as well as teaching 3D design, sculpture workshops, and art appreciation. His love of art, ingenuity, and appreciation for the creative spirit, directs him in his pursuits, although fishing, hockey, and draft horses (specifically Clydesdales) are healthy distractions.




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