Key Rental

Key Membership:

Key memberships are intended to be used by jeweler's interested in getting more open studio time and people interested in starting professional work and can work around the class schedule. The key positions are not able to work during certain weekend workshops but have free reign of the studio otherwise. Each key rental comes with it's own individual locker to store work in.

Key Members must demonstrate their jewelry knowledge and ability to follow the rules and guidelines of the studio before they will be considered to become a key member. A minimum of 6 consecutive part time months are a requirement to be considered for a key rental position.

There is a 3 month minimum rental time for key rental. There is a $100 deposit for key rental. Deposit will be returned to renter when key is returned if they have rented for the minimum rental time or more and have given a 1 month notice before returning the key. Subscription plan will be discontinued by Johanna when notice is given.

This Subscription plan will charge you $100 on the first day of the month for your key membership