Sawing and Piercing Online Tutorial

A crash course on the proper techniques for sawing and piercing out jewelry.


What's inside the course:

• Step-by-step instructions in text and images

• Step-by-step video tutorial

• A troubleshooting guide

• A tips and tricks of the trade guide

• 9 custom designs 

• Bonus custom sawblade matching chart

• Bonus ear wire making tutorial

This is a work at your own pace course. It never expires and has no due dates! After purchase, you will have access to it from your account the ability to print out the full version via pdf.

General supplies needed:


2/0 Sawblades

• Rubber Cement

Bench pin this is a nice one that can clamp onto a desk if you don't have a jewelers bench

• Access to a printer

Supplies needed for earrings:

• 20 gauge copper, brass or silver sheet 2x4

• 20 gauge copper, brass or silver round wire 6"



Learn how to saw and pierce out jewelry designs from your own home!