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Jewelry 1 Supply List

Harold Studio Class Materials

We’re looking forward to Jewelry 1 with you!

We require that everyone in the studio wear closed toed shoes. Also, if you have long hair, please tie it back when you are in the studio.

We will go over this list the first day of class. The studio will have supplies for the first class for sale for $8. At the bottom of the list are a couple of places where you can purchase these items. You can also purchase the entire class kit from the studio for $95 as well as your cabochon.

The 1/2 round silver wire and Cabochon will be needed for the last two classes so it is OK to hold off on them for a little while.

Jewelry 1 Material List

• 1’ each of Hard, Medium & Easy solder wire

• 3 1” 20 Gauge Silver Discs

• 1 6” X 12” 20 Gauge copper or brass sheet

• 1’ 18 Gauge round Sterling Silver Wire

• 6" 12-8 Gauge Sterling Silver 1/2 round wire (depending on preference and stone size)

• 1 cabochon of your choice (oval or round stones bigger than a nickel) 

• 1’ 1/8” bezel wire

• 1 sheet of each 400, 600, 1000 or 1200 sandpaper

• 1 dozen #2/0 saw blades

• 2 1 mm drill bits

• Paint Stick or Flat Ruler

• 1 small container for 1/2 cup liquid

• 3-5/32” shank, 1/16” screw Mandrel for the 3M Bristle Discs and the Carbide wheels. (We recommend 5 ,1 for each polisher, but you can use 1 if you switch out for each use.)  

•We also recommend 3 each of Red, Blue and Yellow 3/4” 3M Bristle Discs

• Cratex or Silicone Carbide wheels. Medium and Fine

Most materials can be found online at Rio Grande, Ottofrei, or Halstead(with tax id)

Locally, you can purchase supplies at C&D Silver, Langert Netzband Jewelers, Phoenix Jewelry Supply, Lonnie's and SJ Jewelry Supply

• Langert Netzband Jewelers is offering 10% off materials for Harold Studio students

Langert Netzband Jewelers 

1526 W Camelback Rd,
Phoenix, AZ 85015


• C & D Silver is offering 5% off materials for Harold Studio students

••Excludes Metal and sale items

C and D Silver Co

15846 N Cave Creek Rd # 1,

Phoenix, AZ 85032-3544

(602) 867-4174



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